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Counsellor, Therapist, Hypnotherapist.

Counselling Services In West London and Online

Psychodynamic Counsellor, Grief therapist and Divorce Coach in London

About Me

I'm Jay Williams, a psychodynamic counsellor in West London and online. Psychodynamic counselling is a therapeutic approach that believes that present-day challenges often are rooted in experiences from your past. 

Together we  can explore your story and possibly get to understand the ‘whys’ behind your feelings and behaviors or responses to what is going on in life.

Our minds only ever allow us to see the tip of the iceberg in terms of what our conscious selves can know about our thoughts and feelings. Often a vast amount of unseen thoughts and memories lie beneath the surface. These hidden parts can sometimes cause emotional turmoil without you even realising it.

In our sessions, we’ll embark on a journey to uncover these unconscious thoughts. We’ll look at your  history and your internal and actual world today, perhaps your relationships, dreams, and even the things you might find yourself doing ‘without thinking’. This isn’t about laying blame on past events, but rather understanding their impact on you today.

By bringing these hidden thoughts to the surface, we can work through them together. This process helps to:

  • Heal emotional wounds from the past.

  • Improve relationships by understanding your patterns.

  • Enhance self-awareness, leading to personal growth.

  • Aid with anxiety and depression by helping to resolve inner conflicts.

Psychodynamic counselling can be a path to self-discovery and healing. If you’re feeling stuck or troubled by things you can’t quite put your finger on, this approach might be just what you need.


Let’s uncover the story beneath the surface and help you move towards a more authentic life, perhaps even a happier one.

Get in touch and let’s talk.


As a member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, I uphold the highest professional and ethical standards.  Contact me to schedule a consultation.

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Services I Offer

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Offering compassionate counselling on a range of personal and relationship issues, I foster a safe and supportive space for exploration. In addition I am also able to work keeping mindful of spiritual beliefs, and am a BACP Spirituality Member, and will accompany you, for at least some, of your journey.

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Grief & Divorce Coaching

First, we get you through the worst of it. Combining proven self-care techniques with short-term therapy. The therapy is designed to help you understand and process your grief in a healthy manner. Often this time can lead to significant personal development and growth, initially this will seem out of reach but, together, we will journey from grief to growth.

Face to Face

My counselling practice is located in a peaceful area of  West London, providing a calm and welcoming environment for our session. Sessions are always at the same time.

Spiritually Minded?

For those who feel they need therapy mindful of, and to accompany, a spiritual journey.


If you prefer online work, I am able to use Zoom, Teams and WhatApp.

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Contact Details

London, W14 or Globally online

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Call Me On 07714 784515 Today To Book An Initial Consultation. West London or Online.

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